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Is Facebook a Cult?

Published Aug 17, 2021
There are a number of alternative names for Facebook including but not limited to; "Faceplant...

Crypto DeFi Company Cred has Disclosed it was the Victim of Fraud

Published Oct 27, 2020
Another bruise for the Crypto and Defi space, today Cred (US) LLC sent out an e-mail to...

Telus Switch to Google's Gmail Service Not Working

Published Sep 04, 2020
This month Telus switched their email server over to Gmail (Powered by Google). Thousands of...

Is Trading Crypto Profitable with Coinbase Exchange?

Published Aug 13, 2020
Recently I ran a series of experiments trading digital currencies and investing in crypto...

How to Spot the Winners in Crypto

Published Aug 13, 2020
These are my predictions of the attributes of cryptocurrencies that will prevail in the future...

How much can a Website Earn with Brave Ads?

Published Aug 10, 2020
Many webmasters, publishers, and content creators are looking for alternative ways to earn...

Why Does Every Municipal Website and Politician's Site Link to Facebook?

Published Jul 24, 2020
This question has been stewing in me for years but I have almost always been able to keep my...

Google Demonitizes TownPost after 8 Years of Loyal Support

Published Jul 24, 2020
Google has kicked TownPost off the Adsense program after more than 8 years of loyal support...

Is Yellowpages Online Advertising Worth It?

Published Jul 16, 2020
In the last couple of years doing web design, local SEO, and digital marketing several clients...

Best Browser Includes Free VPN and Ad Blocker

Published Jul 08, 2020
I have done a good amount of research on the best browser that's fast, includes ad blockers,...

Facebook Manifesto to Dominate the Canadian Marketplace

Published Aug 30, 2019
It is our stated goal at Facebook to insert our platform into most if not all transactions...

Buy and Sell Page Banned from Facebook

Published May 14, 2019
So Facebook has permanently banned and deleted one of our Buy and Sell groups for "violating...
telus outlook popup

Telus Email Problem - Outlook Asking for Password

Published Oct 20, 2017
See this recent article if you are having trouble accessing your @telus e-mail since the...

Google and Amazon vs. Local Businesses

Published Oct 14, 2017
If you are starting a business or struggling to get noticed online, floundering around with...
microsoft funny

5 Reasons Microsoft Sucks

Published Jan 17, 2017
Most people assume that, since I am not an Apple fan, that I must like Microsoft. Here are 5...

Is Someone Trying to Hack or Negative SEO the Drudge Report?

Published Jan 03, 2017
I am very suspicious of something I noticed about the Drudge Report lately, I think it might...

10 Things That Might Convince Me to Use Facebook

Published Dec 23, 2016
Generally, I hate Facebook for a bunch of different reasons, so I challenged myself to make a...

Good News about a Client + Word of Warning

So recently a client of mine took my recommendations on setting up an incremental backup with external drives they could swap out. Part of the reason I pushed for this setup was that I had another client just over a year ago that encountered an "cryptolocker virus", a type of ransomware. The idea is that if the infected files are encrypted by the malicious software, your backup will simply overwrite the good files with the infected files (thus making your backup useless). Anyways, I had just finished the backup setup about 10 days ago and lo and behold one of their computers was infected by the "Locky or .OSIRIS" malware. Rather than paying the ransom to these dirt bags to maybe unlock the files, we were able to quickly pull 99% of them off a prior backup.
Whoever you are, if you happen to be reading this, I urge you to stop procrastinating and get someone to help you setup a decent backup that will save you from losing all of your photos and documents. Don't know where to start with a backup? I would gladly give you free advice on where to start, just drop me a line and i'll e-mail you back.

Spinning Wheel Problem when Bulk Deleting Published Posts on Facebook

Published Aug 27, 2016
This is a quick 3 minute tutorial for Facebook Page publishers that are having problems bulk...
private gun group

Why Facebook's Ban on Gun Sales is Awesome

Published Feb 09, 2016
Well, it's awesome for me anyways… I operate a private gun group on TownPost that is for...
Don't Be Evil Documentary

Is Google Evil? New Documentary about how recent changes affect Small Business

Published Nov 03, 2015
Coming in 2016, "I Aim To Misbehave Productions, Ltd." will be releasing a documentary about...
telus skunk animal

Telus to Charge Internet Customers for Exceeding Data Cap

Published Mar 23, 2015
Telus is going to start charging data cap overages on there internet (Source: http://www.telus...

Kijiji Ignores Canada's Anti-spam Law

Published Jul 01, 2014
While those of us running classified and job banks in Canada scrambled to modify our websites...

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Published Jul 01, 2014
Oxford Dictionary Definition of Spam "irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the...
ebay motors scam

Cheap vehicle classifieds scams claiming to use eBay Motors

Published May 07, 2013
I run several local classified websites in Alberta, Canada and recently there has been a...
IT Crowd Twitter meme

Twitter is useless for Small Businesses

Published Apr 18, 2013
So, I have been using twitter for over a year now and I was getting all stressed out about...
VistaPrint review

Buyer Beware - VistaPrint Website Review

Published Mar 22, 2013
Thinking about a DIY website? Considering building your own site with VistaPrint? Here are a...
money down the drain with facebook

Facebook Ads Review and Coupon Scam

Published Apr 23, 2012
Update: I finally had a response that wasn't canned text, Facebook Payment operations admitted...

Wikipedia double standard and why it will likely fail

Published Jan 02, 2012
If you have ever tried to get involved in Wikipedia you likely know that there are 37 "...