Faceplant is a derogatory or slang name for Facebook, in addition to "Facecrack", "Facestalk", and "Fakebook". This is my own custom social media site where I post whatever I feel like whenever I want.

I have a particular disdain for most social media and Facebook specifically for a variety of reasons so I created this Faceplant website as sort of parody.

One of those reasons was that Facebook banned me several times for apparently violating new rules they began to implement a few years ago. There was no way to appeal this ban or respond to the alleged violation, and they eventually deleted one of my business pages that I had paid to promote on Facebook. Facebook did not refund me for the ad money spent. Another negative experience was when they incorrectly charged my Credit Card for an ad campaign and would not refund me for the additional charges.

I have witnessed the negative effect Facebook has on people and their relationships. For whatever reason the platform makes people mean, combative, narcissistic, and creates a very cult like atmosphere. I see businesses pushing all of their own customers to their Facebook page without realizing that Facebook is building a pay-to-play system where you pay to build your audience and then you have to pay again to reach the audience you paid for. This is why I do not promote by Facebook Business page and why I encourage other small businesses to avoid the same mistake.

I don't care to give the rights to all of my own thoughts, photos, and posts to an american owned Tech Giant that sells advertising space on my content. Nobody in the world would let a business put advertising in their personal photo albums, but this is exactly what they are doing when they use Facebook.

Let me clarify, I think Facebook is well within their rights to exploit your photos and content to sell ads. I don't think what Facebook does is evil, but I think their users are naive. This behemoth company has incredible control over what people watch, post, share, and with Facebook marketplace they are now getting in between local transactions. Some day in the future people will realize the consequences of relinquishing the internet to a handful of giant tech companies is a really stupid idea, until that day I will continue to buy Facebook stock and profit from Facebook users while posting my own musings about it on Faceplant.