Google and Amazon vs. Local Businesses

If you are starting a business or struggling to get noticed online, floundering around with social media, paid ads (PPC advertising), boosted posts on Facebook , there are some foundational things you need to understand so you know what you are up against.

Canadian Governments are Making it Worse

Canadian politicians and media companies need to know that they are part of the problem and play a critical role in our country taking back some of our own online infrastructure. That's what the internet is, infrastructure, and if we don't learn to recognize this then it may already be too late.

Newspapers and TV News are Contributing to the problem

You can hardly turn on CBC or read the Sun News without seeing a story about the latest news about Amazon, Kijiji, or a new Google product. This has been instrumental in the snowball effect these companies needed to secure their dominance in small towns and cities across Canada. I spent some time contacting the various media companies about turning to local Canadian based services with zero response.

Short interview describing the threat to small businesses across Canada in layman's terms.