Telus to Charge Internet Customers for Exceeding Data Cap

telus skunk animal

Telus is going to start charging data cap overages on there internet (Source: I just wanted to let my Alberta friends know this before you start getting usage charges over and above what you are paying now. You should also be aware of teksavvy, they offer dsl and cable internet for less than Telus or Shaw with no contract and higher usage caps than most plans.

As a current customer I find cruel irony in the fact that they have raised my rates every few months for the last couple of years because of the cost of "improving their services", and in that time they have dropped that allowed data usage with plans to charge me if I go over the lower caps Telus created. I still remember when Telus Lite internet was only $19.99 (maybe even 9.99 introductory?), but now their minimum bundle seems to start at $58 per month.

While skyrocketing rates for internet is bad for consumers in the short term, I believe this will ultimately open the door for a new opportunity in the provider space. Some of you that know me may already be aware of an Alberta based business venture that will address this very problem. I would rather not publish information about this right now, but if you are interested just contact me and I will give you the inside scoop and get your feedback.

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