Wikipedia double standard and why it will likely fail

If you have ever tried to get involved in Wikipedia you likely know that there are 37 "wikinazis" poised waiting to delete any and every change you make (good or bad). In a certain sense these people are what made it popular, but in another way they will ultimately be it's demise. Any change that isn't made by them or someone in their affiliated group will be met with immediate deletion. This is true of most content or writings and especially links.

Wikipedia URLs and the double standard

The most enraging thing about Wikipedia is that links are only for large corporations, or business that falls into certain categories (like newspapers). The official policy seems to be that only large business get the benefit of website links, and especially if they already have the benefit of a government alliance. Obviously corporations that have the benefit of government subsidies deserve special additional benefits.


The solution is simple, and there are more than one simple solutions.
1. Remove all URLs.
2. Allow separate pages for all URLs of topical relevance.

The combination of an elite group of people that spend 24 hours per day deleting any contribution the average citizen makes to wiki, and the unwavering favoritism of large corporate or government connected business through the url double standard will likely kill Wikipedia in the coming years. The Wikimedia Foundation is now using 33% of the top of the page to do the very thing they rail against.... advertise! Beg for money to "keep Wikimedia going". Well if they want to whine for money perhaps they should solicit the corporations Wikipedia favors.

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