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I rarely share anything on social media, this is where I post about projects I'm working on as well as opinions on current events, the internet, and small business.

Automotive Repair Website

Published Aug 03, 2016
Our customer, Haitel's Garage, was looking for a professional and appealing website that would...

Alberta Search Engine

Published Aug 03, 2016
The TownPost search engine was created to help people and businesses to find classifieds,...

Digital Archive Website

Published Jul 31, 2016
Dr. Michael L. Brown is a writer as well as the host of a nationally syndicated radio talk...

Differenciate - customer sense of order/control (disney: clean park)
Mindset - attract / convert / customer - client
Beginners Mind - everything begins right now!
System is the solution (Disney/Mc Donalds) Consumer CONTROl over user experience
Don't listen to the #littleman
Get it right when you are SMALL to replicate
Start for the right reasons | Small businesses fail because the founder is a technician
Become an incredible STUDENT

Personal Humility + WIll
Service to a Cause (relentless ambition)

What's our purpose, cause, believe... why does my business exist?
What's our story... What would anyone care?

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
― Thomas A. Edison

“Five percent of the people think;
ten percent of the people think they think;
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”
― Thomas A. Edison

What must be done (to be right)
Make people want to do it
It's art not science (each person diff)

Learn from others but do not copy them.

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Copy and Paste MS Word to HTML or Wordpress

Published Jun 22, 2016
One of our clients sends us articles in Microsoft Word format, in order to retain the document...
Category: Useful Resources

Drupal 7 Add nofollow to Views Pager Links

Published Apr 18, 2016
SEO Reason for using nofollow on Pager Links This is a core hack for Drupal 7 to add rel="...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials
private gun group

Why Facebook's Ban on Gun Sales is Awesome

Published Feb 09, 2016
Well, it's awesome for me anyways… I operate a private gun group on TownPost that is for...
Category: The Internet
private gun group

Why Facebook's Ban on Gun Sales is Awesome

Published Feb 09, 2016
Well, it's awesome for me anyways… I operate a private gun group on TownPost that is for...

Drupal Demo Point of Sale Software

Published Jan 25, 2016
One of the latest projects is a fully web based Point of Sale (POS) program that runs from any...
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What makes TownPost Awesome or Unique?

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Unlimited Ads
  3. Local (Alberta) Only - Maybe Saskatchewan Eventually?
  4. Allows Firearms
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10 Million Impressions on Adsense!

Published Dec 18, 2015
This morning I logged into my Google Adsense account to see this congratulations message....

Drupal 7 Module to add Rel Next and Prev Pagination

Published Nov 14, 2015
Paginatey is an unofficial custom Drupal 7 module that I slapped together using code in the...
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Equipment Rental Website Design

Published Nov 03, 2015
Our client is an equipment rental company in Calgary, Alberta that did not previously have a...

Cargo and Utility Trailer Website

Published Nov 03, 2015
Sch Trailers is a distributor for various trailer manufacturers in Western Canada, they were...
Don't Be Evil Documentary

Is Google Evil? New Documentary about how recent changes affect Small Business

Published Nov 03, 2015
Coming in 2016, "I Aim To Misbehave Productions, Ltd." will be releasing a documentary about...
Category: The Internet

Custom Real Estate Website vs MLS Solution Comparison

Published Jul 20, 2015
Essentially having a website that communicates with MLS is less work for the agent office, all...

Oilfield Company Web Design

Published Apr 09, 2015
Lea-Der Coatings is an Alberta based manufacturer and distributor of oilfield safety products...
kinder surprise egg minion craft

Steve & Daisy's Minion Craft

Published Apr 05, 2015
So for easter we bought our kids large Kinder surprise eggs. One of the toys inside was a...

Redirects and .htaccess examples

Published Apr 02, 2015
Here are some basic .htaccess snippets you can copy and paste. Re-direct the front page of a...
telus skunk animal

Telus to Charge Internet Customers for Exceeding Data Cap

Published Mar 23, 2015
Telus is going to start charging data cap overages on there internet (Source: http://www.telus...
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