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I rarely share anything on social media, this is where I post about projects I'm working on as well as opinions on current events, the internet, and small business.

HTML5 References

Published Jan 20, 2017
This cheat sheet summarizes the complete HTML5 Canvas API for the 2D context, based on to the...
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HTML Snippets & Tutorials

Published Jan 20, 2017
This is a compiled list of HTML, CSS, and Javascript tricks and tutorial that I want to...
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microsoft funny

5 Reasons Microsoft Sucks

Published Jan 17, 2017
Most people assume that, since I am not an Apple fan, that I must like Microsoft. Here are 5...
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Figure out the bottlenecks to growth, there are limitless things to work on in a startup but you must focus on those things that are constraining your growth. Once you have a "true north" you can easily wake up in the morning and know what you need to work on.

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Convert %2520 to + sign using .htaccess so your Search pages have nice looking URLs with plus signs instead of a bunch of encoded nonsense.
RewriteRule ^(.*)\ (.*)$ /$1+$2 [L,R=301]

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Is Someone Trying to Hack or Negative SEO the Drudge Report?

Published Jan 03, 2017
I am very suspicious of something I noticed about the Drudge Report lately, I think it might...
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Write a blog post every day.
Make a prediction about something that will happen or about something that will succeed and write why you think it will.
Seth Godin

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Top Features to add to TownPost
‣ Endorse/Rate other Users or Reputation Score
‣ Profile/Ad Discussion on News Feed
‣ Premium Member
‣ Premium Ad

Fix Password Reset - or or

Fort Sask Facebook Buy and Sell Page
St. Alberta Facebook Buy and Sell Page
Red Deer Facebook Buy and Sell Page

Revised buy and sell page for Canmore.

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An entrepreneur trying to think of a business idea or deciding if their business is going to work should ask themselves:
How painful is the problem you are trying to solve?

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10 Things That Might Convince Me to Use Facebook

Published Dec 23, 2016
Generally, I hate Facebook for a bunch of different reasons, so I challenged myself to make a...
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Good News about a Client + Word of Warning

So recently a client of mine took my recommendations on setting up an incremental backup with external drives they could swap out. Part of the reason I pushed for this setup was that I had another client just over a year ago that encountered an "cryptolocker virus", a type of ransomware. The idea is that if the infected files are encrypted by the malicious software, your backup will simply overwrite the good files with the infected files (thus making your backup useless). Anyways, I had just finished the backup setup about 10 days ago and lo and behold one of their computers was infected by the "Locky or .OSIRIS" malware. Rather than paying the ransom to these dirt bags to maybe unlock the files, we were able to quickly pull 99% of them off a prior backup.
Whoever you are, if you happen to be reading this, I urge you to stop procrastinating and get someone to help you setup a decent backup that will save you from losing all of your photos and documents. Don't know where to start with a backup? I would gladly give you free advice on where to start, just drop me a line and i'll e-mail you back.

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Recently launched a new website for the Alliance Church, and I am pretty happy with the results -

What do you call it when you are overwhelmed by requests from your clients or from your boss? If you have the type of personality that insists on completing every task you are given then you might identify with this meme.
I was telling a friend about this massive number of small tasks I had to deal with and he coined this phrase in response, "Death by a thousand reasonable requests".

Constant Requests My Boss

Municipal Web Design

Published Dec 09, 2016
This municipality required a modern and simple website for their Village in the province of...

Feeling overworked? Here is a little encouragement for you in these stressful times...

Scrolling "Typing" Text Effect Using CSS + HTML5

Published Nov 27, 2016
*/ Here is Some Text to show off this text Effect Copy and Paste the CSS Code: { overflow...

Canadian Drudge Report Website

Published Oct 03, 2016
This client was looking to create a curated news site similar to The Drudge Report with a...

Spinning Wheel Problem when Bulk Deleting Published Posts on Facebook

Published Aug 27, 2016
This is a quick 3 minute tutorial for Facebook Page publishers that are having problems bulk...
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fun with flags

Settlers of Catan "Fun with Flags" Edition

Published Aug 27, 2016
So last night was game night, that means more Settlers as well as more artwork (of course!)....
Settlers Art

My Settlers of Catan Artwork

Published Aug 14, 2016
We play a TONN of Settlers of Catan with our friends, every game while waiting for everyone to...