Municipal Website Design

town of barrhead logo

The Town of Barrhead staff do a magnificent job of keeping their community's website updated, adding and editing local events on almost a daily basis. As a web developer I enjoy working with the staff to publish fresh content and then seeing their site gain traffic.

We launched this website in 2012 with the following objectives:

  • Create an RSS friendly website that can notify residents about new information via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and browser based RSS feeds.
  • Build a dynamic business and community directory for Barrhead based organizations. Other pages within the website can then "pull" the contact information from the list to reduce duplicate or inaccurate contact information.
  • Generate a community calendar that is easy to navigate, flexible for different types of events, complex enough to show specific events on related pages, but remain easy to use for both Town staff as well as visitors to the website. Also to automatically un-publish from event lists once the date has passed.
  • Build a website that shows Barrhead is "open for business" and serious about investing in the growth of their community. Site consists of a large slideshow banner on the front page with bright photographs to show off what this town has to offer.
town of barrhead screenshot