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I rarely share anything on social media, this is where I post about projects I'm working on as well as opinions on current events, the internet, and small business.

MySQL select using multiple "NOT LIKE"

Published Dec 28, 2011
Scenario Version: MySQL 5.0 Database Name: testdb Table Name: domains Field Name: domainame...

Simple MYSQL Select Queries

Published Dec 28, 2011
Version: MySQL 5.0 Database Name: testdb Table Name: domains Field Name: domainame Simple...

Jim Carrey and George Jones look alike?

Published Nov 26, 2011
When I first saw this I thought it was Jim Carrey playing a character... No, it's George Jones...

301 Redirect Rule from Clean URL to another clean URL in IIS

Published Nov 05, 2011
If you are trying to setup Clean URLs in Drupal with IIS and Isapi go to Clean URLs IIRF...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Drupal cck Imagefield Float Right

Published Aug 11, 2011
Here is how you can change your css file (likely your style.css file in the theme folder) to...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Drupal random banner with optional path based image

Published Aug 06, 2011
We had one customer that required a randomized banner but also had specific drupal pages where...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Clean URLs IIRF Settings with IIS for Drupal

Published Aug 02, 2011
Non-www canonical url using Drupal 6 with IIS and IIRF installed. (Using Drupal 6.22) Tested...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Chamber of Commerce Web Design

Published Feb 26, 2011
The Local Chamber of Commerce required a low-cost website where they could share upcoming...
Wallis Bros Logo

Oilfield Construction Website Design

Published Feb 26, 2011
Wallis Bros Construction Ltd. is an oilfield construction company with a large fleet of heavy...
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Pembina West Co-op Website

Published Feb 26, 2010
We launched this website in late 2010, prior to their name change from Barrhead &...
alberta directory logo

Business Directory Website

Published Feb 26, 2009
The Alberta Directory project is a large database of small businesses, contractors, and...