New "Ropin the Web" Site

Farmers and Ag Boards in Alberta were caught off guard when Alberta Agriculture dropped the old Ropin the Web. Well this is good news for anyone that believes in free markets and private industry.

NEW Ropin' The Web General Store

This summer TownPost announced that there will be a double down focusing on Agriculture, farmers, and feed & livestock in particular. There's a new Agriculture section that will be expanded in the coming months to meet the growing demand of finding buyers and sellers online.

Facebook has BANNED the sale of Animals & Livestock but TownPost welcomes it

TownPost has a long history of allowing rural folks looking to buy and sell livestock, horses, farm dogs, as well as firearms. All are consistent with the values of the typical ranchers and farmers that love the land, take care of the environment and feed our population. TownPost will continue to strive to be the best place for farmers and producers to buy and sell locally.

In the coming months, there will be more announcements on the New Ropin the Web site where we hope to post current hay prices, agriculture news, and other information for farmers and producers. There is also another project in beta called Farm Post seeking to create a type of social media site or forum for permaculture farms, small farms, and sustainable producers looking to sell their products locally.

Ropin the Web Site


I would like to find the new site to be able to use it.

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Try out TownPost at