Telus Switch to Google's Gmail Service Not Working

This month Telus switched their email server over to Gmail (Powered by Google). Thousands of Telus email users are having issues setting up their email and logging in to their webmail since the change.

E-mail settings have changed, for most email clients like Outlook and Microsoft Office Telus users will now need to use (incoming) and (outgoing). Username and Password should be the same as they were before and you can still use your and email address.

The other option is to login directly through Gmail, once again the same username and password you used previously should work.

I am unable to login or what if I don't know my password?
If you are still unable to sign in you may need to reset your password or check your username, to do this you will need to login to the "My Telus" website. This is where you can normally find billing information and reset your login details.

Can I switch from Telus to Gmail without using a Telus e-mail?
Yes, if you prefer to drop telus e-mail altogether you can first create a Gmail, Outlook, or other e-mail and then migrate your Telus e-mails to that account using IMAP to move your e-mails, email contacts, and folders.

Get free support from Telus by calling their support, but expect to have a long delay since they are currently being swamped with calls from Telus email users having trouble with the change. Note that Telus will only help you login to your account, they will not help you move e-mails, calendar items, or contacts to a different service.

Paid Support for Telus or E-mail Migration
If you are looking for paid Telus support or looking to hire someone to migrate your e-mail accounts to another service such as Gmail you can call 780-284-6622 or e-mail (cost may vary depending on how much data you need moved). On average this can cost between $200-$300 per account to move an account to an account.

If I move to Gmail Instead of Telus email can I forward the old e-mails?
Yes, we can setup your old or e-mails to continue to come into your Gmail Inbox but then have your email on outgoing e-mails or email replies.

Can my Telus Email on Outlook still Work with Gmail?
Yes, the mail settings need to be changed in Outlook but it should still work the way it did before.

Telus Sorry


Migrated to gmail about a week ago,had inbox for a day or so, then all contents but one disappeared, (over 3000) Tried all suggestions on the web, but nothing seems to work,"more" and "Trash" folders now gone. The disappearing mail happened on a reboot. I did not modify anything in gmail prior to mail disappearing. Cannot find a way to get hold of any Telus support. Will monitor this page, as I cannot receive any email. Tnx, Ric, Sept. 15~2020

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Ric, is your e-mail setup on another device with Outlook or another e-mail program?
Are you seeing the empty Inbox right on the Gmail website?

Hi Steve, this is the mail site, via Firefox. Inbox has one email from 4 days ago, there should be 20-50 new since then. I am not receiving any I send either,,,,

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When you login to the mail site you are using your old email as the username right?

I told Telus. If I wanted Google spying on me anymore than they already do, then I would have had a Gmail account instead of a Telus Account. a long time ago.
I am hearing on the Mocassin Telegraph that this is a disaster for Telus. Telus is going to lose a lot of customers and Google just got the first of many poisoned spears thrust into their large, arrogant belly.

I agree with Kevin, google spy is all this is about.

I agree completely. I am not a tech and do not expect to have to be one to simply run my email. My Shaw email was simple, worked flawlessly and I had total control over it. This unholy alliance between Telus and Google is so damn complex that neither of them even understand how it works and my email(s) are now a disaster and I REALLY regret having made the move to Telus. Migod, look at the PAGES of preference settings in Google Mail alone. How can the average person be expected to deal with that and not click the wrong box that will Google total control over your entire life? When my contract with Telus is done, I am done with them for good. And like all thinking people, I do not want Google combing through my personal files gleaning out whatever information they can steal.

cant get email to work why am i even fighting this you guys never answer

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Not sure who you mean by "You Guys"? I'm assuming you mean Telus?

I have had several emails 'disappear' completely from my inbox after I have read them. I had done nothing to delete them, but they disappear spontaneously and cannot be found searching through the categories in the sidebar. The 'search' option only works if you remember most of the parameters. Luckily, I scrolled through old emails to find an email from the same source and was able to search again. This time the 'lost' email was recovered. I would have had no luck if it had been a new email from a fresh source.

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You likely have an e-mail client like Outlook connected to the mailbox pulling the messages out. Someone would need to take a closer look.

2.5 weeks and i still haven't been able to get my email transferred. 2hrs Saturday 1 hr tonight with telus tech. they managed to change my password on this new account. I also use firefox and was told you have to change your security setting to receive and retain mail to imap and accept third party apps like firefox.

2.5 weeks and i still haven't been able to get my email transferred. 2hrs Saturday 1 hr tonight with telus tech. they managed to change my password on this new account. I also use firefox and was told you have to change your security setting to receive and retain mail to imap and accept third party apps like firefox.

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Yes, it can be a bit tricky to find that setting in Gmail. Were you able to locate it?

Migration mess. I have 3 accounts, a main one, private one & private one for my wife. I have spent a lot of time on this since 25 September. So far: Main & wife's account migrated to Gmail but we use a Mac so it doesn't seem to be accessible through Mac Mail. The private for me will be migrated 08 October. I have 4 different passwords for use with Telus accounts, all are on my Apple Keychain. When trying to access my email accounts these passwords no longer seem to work. When I log in to My Telus & try to change them, when I hit Submit it tells me something went wrong & try again. 5 attempts on each of 3 accounts, no results. I tried the password change on the advise of my grandson who is an executive with Apple. I am so fed up I could scream. Maybe close all the accounts & start over? Ugh. Very disappointed in Telus, I have been loyal client for over 40 years. As a Telus shareholder I wonder what this migration is all about, it may help the corp or bigger business clients but it seems to be a major screw up, looking at the hundreds of people posting about it. Telus make it right!!

Attempted " migration " back on Sept 15 and still no resolution to all the problems Telus support was made aware of, What a complete mess, Telus!

Steve, have been reading some of the issues experienced by telus users when accounts migrated. Our accounts not yet migrated and I am concerned as we have to install/re-load Outlook every day. If we can't get Outlook to run properly how will we be able to access emails when they migrate to google? Suggestions.

Thank you.

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You can access your e-mail directly from the Gmail website (Outlook is optional). If you have issues with your Outlook that may be a separate issue you need to resolve first.

Also, you have the option of using BOTH Outlook as well as as long as you set the account up as "IMAP".

Day one of E-Mail conversion hell. G-Mail on the web works but cannot get Thunderbird to work. Conversion goes well according to the instructions then end up in an endless loop. Enter E-Mail Address. I see two accounts chose which one you want. Enter E-Mail. I see two accounts . . . .endless loop. The second account is lost.
Not a good day.

Since changing to gmail I can no longer receive emails. When I try to access gmail under the new arrangements mu wife's email appears and seems to be OK. but I cannot access my emails no matter what. Can this be fixed? Help.

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I cannot e-mail you a response I suppose since you will not get it. Are you able to successfully login to Gmail under your telus email address?

Well my problem stumped Telus IT. After a successful mail transition in September, I was having trouble with my new phone and getting bookmarks from Google Chrome. I learned the sync was under the administration of Telus. My browser is now controlled by Telus. This is being escalated in the IT and going to Shaw.

After over 50 years of being a Telus customer, I’m done. After having a cell phone warranted for two years according to Telus Web site fail after one year and not get repaired plus the G mail fiasco, I’ve had enough.
They bill me $250>300 each month for this crap.


Has been a real headache and their support seems to have a tough time with English language. Now I am locked out of youtube to boot. Not happy with telus and I've been with them for as long as I can remember, around 30+ yrs

Currently with Telus am using POP3 to store email on my computer. Can I do the same after the switch to gmail?

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Yes, this is possible but you have to set your Google account to "allow insecure apps" before it will work.

I can no longer log into YouTube with my Telus email address. I’m told that my administrator doesn’t allow it. How can I rectify this?

I have a new chrome book. Telus is blocking my access to google docs and google drive. After spending hours waiting for customer support and an hour speaking with them I've learned that the issue is related to the migration to gmail, but not how to fix it. I think Telus needs to be held to account for the mess they've created.

Has been a nightmare - was on phone with Telus for 4 hours and I am still not happy with the way my email works. The first technician told me to call Apple as she couldn't answer a question I had and the second tech was somewhat helpful but admitted that he knew very little about Gmail. I told him that if I want to have a gmail account I would have had one years ago. I use a Mac and use the apple Mail account which I prefer but Telus had no solutions. So now this is a real mess. It shows that I have 2 new emails but can't find them. A very unhappy customer.

This Google/email /telus switchover is a horror show. I'm just barely tech savvy and it took me all day to get email working again. I'm so annoyed that I am considering cancelling all my telus accounts.

What a disaster. Thinking of telling Telus to go you know where! What were they thinking? There was nothing wrong with the email program as it was. Did google give them a big kickback? Some executives should loose their jobs over this mess. Spent the whole day trying to find out what to do to complete the migration. Very unhappy with Telus.

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I suspect that running email servers and managing spam was more trouble than it was worth for Telus, providing email is not a very lucrative business. They had several outages and major problems in the last couple of years which likely led to Telus wanting to outsource this to Google.

Complete cluster and no one knows what they are doing
Don’t send me an email cause I probably won’t get it.

Reply to Telus Customer Service Satisfaction Survey received Dec 3 2010
TELUS is committed to delivering the best service to our customers. Please share your ideas and thoughts on what TELUS could do differently to make your experience better.
My direct reply:
The migration to Gmail has been a headache. A telus rep called on Nov 24 to to the change but was unable to also handle the change with my ipad and my windows live mail. They said they would call back on the following Sunday. I waited all day for the return call and received nothing. Upon calling Telus again, I arranged with the rep to have someone from Tech support call me on Dec 3. Once again I wasted several hours of my day waiting for a return call which never occurred on Dec 3. To add insult to injury Telus as also arbitrarily increased my monthly internet fees by $ 5 per month even though service quality has obviously decreased dramatically.
PS I am keeping a copy of this reply to pass on to anyone I know who may also be having grief of a similar nature.

This migration is sheer crap. I had no choice in this unilateral change, just to find out it conflicts with the Windows 10 version of Outlook. Now I can't use Outlook. Unbelievable. 3 hours on hold and with Tech support, and there's no solution - except possibly Microsoft might be able to solve it! Maybe.

Is anyone having performance problems (delivery time) with Telus/Google email?

My wife managed to move to the new Telus/Google email system without encountering the worst issues reported on this blog. However, now she's experiencing excessive delivery times for new messages. I have a non-Telus gmail account and delivery times are fine, but if I send her an email it usually takes many minutes, or even hours for her to receive it. She's using an iPad Pro with MacMail, but is not experiencing any other performance/response-time problems.

Has anyone any suggestions? (Have not been able to reach Telus technical support.)


Had migration done - Telus to Gmail. Was able to access both mail accounts. Worked fine for a while until I had to reboot my laptop. Now Telus mail is nowhere to be found and I dont know how to get it back. Have tried to contact Pure Fibre who helped with the migration. No response back from them. Where to go from here? Telus service is not great at the best of times and it is worse now.....long, long waits.....I guess our time is not valuable. We should be able to bill them....Any suggestions from out there? Thanks

I have been a telus customer for 66 years. You know back in the days you had to promise your first born in order to get a phone. I followed their instructions to migrate my telus to google. Where are all my mail folders, and contacts. Thankfully the info is still on my defunct outlook. The instructions we marginally good, making assumptions that users had full knowledge of what they were talking about. Is there anyone out there that can give some information as an alternate server. I already have a google email and I hate how they automatically link everything together, not to mention they sell your information to third parties. I feel Telus is also hosing me on my cell phone rate. I think this is the straw that is breaking this old camels back.

Yes I'm having problems getting new Emails. I migrated to Google on the 27th Jan., since yesterday can't receive anything. Receiving enter password keeps saying it's wrong.
I migrated using my webmail address which is different from my email. Could this be the problem?

I managed to migrate, but now any email I try to send is being flagged as spam: "Message not delivered. There was a problem delivering your message to ****@****. The response from the remote server was: 550 5.7.1 8FF0B922F630E This message has been blocked for containing SPAM-like characteristics. " Never had a problem before with simple email.

Can not get past first screen of migration scheduling
I also have no love of Google / Gmail
I use pop to pull my emails from a number of accounts
and so the notion that I will need to lower my security levels
in an obscure Google setting
is also quite disconcerting
Shaw internet services are looking better every day

Three different Telus tier 1 technicians tried to set up outlook after the migration to Google and each time the dates in the inbox changed from the date received to the migration date. In addition, six years of emails cannot be accessed from outlook. Before the migration, email through outlook was working just fine. After the migration, the same problems have appeared on all devices (iPhone, iPad & laptop) and all have up to date software

We too have the same issue of receive date being the migration date in outlook. We can see the header in Gmail under "show more" and it clearly shows an additional receive date header has been added and this is what is being read as receive date of the emails. Sent date is still accurate. So frustrating. Been on multiple support calls and no resolution.

I have the same 'migration' date issue in Outlook. Has anyone come up with a solution?

Having huge problems migrating to google who I don’t like at the best of time, spent 3 hours on phone with rep and was told the technicians are working on it but it may take 24 to 48 hrs to get back to me. Not happy with telus.

three days now working on the phone with telus and still not recieving emails on mocrosoft outlook

The Telus Google Mail migration didn't work with Apple email. I had to take time off from work and spent an hour and a half waiting for a rep on the phone only to be told to contact Apple. I told them Apple did not create the problem, Telus did and I expected them to fix the problem or migrate me back. No help. This came at a bad time as my mother died a few weeks ago and I am missing vistal email communication from family, probate lawyers, mother's strata council. So after 20 years with Telus I'm canceling their TV, internet, and phone and switching to another provider. Unbelievable stupid move on Telus' part. I've never had such poor and arrogant service from any company. Sad day.

As of yesterday my Eudora I have been using since the XP Days worked flawless. After I was FORCED to migrate to Google my Email stopped working and I am loosing all my Mail which could be costly.
People should be starting a Class Action Suit against Telus as it wasnt our Choice to migrate to another spy Tech Company.
Telus sold us out and ever since B.C.Tel it has been going down the Tube. Yes I have been a loyal Customer for 50 Years but I am looking to switch to another Server.Waitoing to see what happens with the Shaw /Rogers Merger it cant get any worse and telus will loose another customer.

Spent 2 hours trying to migrate to Telus/Google e mail then spent another 2 hours on the phone with Telus tech staff.In the end they determined that the problem was beyond their expertise and they thought the problem was with Apple.In about 1 minute I had an apple tech on the phone and he got the apple mail to pair up with Telus/google e mail in another 10 minutes and Im now receiving e mails on Google mail.

The Problems is......All of my e mails from my old telus e mail have disappeared.Their tech support is closed for the day, and ill have to spend another day trying to sort this out.
Hopefully they have thousands of my old e mails stored somewhere? and ill be able to retrieve them?
Endless frustration in being forced to a new Google email when the old one work fine for me.
And I pay thousands per year for this complete lack of service for the last 42 years......
How do the managers sleep at night, and how do they expect us to have a shred of loyalty left after such a boondoggle.
Just a note: I asked to speak to the highest supervisor available and after waiting 30 min. for them to come on the line they gave me a 0 balance on next months bill.THEY CAN DO THAT!
but its too little too late! Anyway folks their is no customer service left at Telus anymore but giving you back dollars on the bill might be the only thing they understand

I have been a loyal customer for a good number of years. Everything I own is on TELUS support. Right from watching the news to emailing my friends and family. If I listen to music it is on TELUS Wifi. This migration to Google coming out of the blue may very well be the straw that broke the camels back for many of us. TELUS best find a helpful way to keep and maintain their customer base as this migration may very well cost them more than what they anticipated saving by spinning off their email service.

I started with this "migration" last August. Spent over 4 hours with 5 different telus help desk personnel and so far have received no email since August (2020). Have been trying to retrieve mail sent to my address which I have had for more than 20 years.
Strong letters to Telus head office or the the body overseeing the telephone monopoly have done un-answered.
They should not have a license to operate in Canada until they start to pay attention to those they are licensed to serve

I do not know how to reset my email account.It Keeps telling me that username and password are incorrect. I do not know how to change this. PLEASE CALL 403 3285423

I think instead of trying to switch to Google, I will switch everything to Shaw. Does anybody may a better idea.

I am having a lot of trouble with the migration. Its an absolute nightmare!!
It keeps saying that my password and username is incorrect. When I say "forgot password" nothing happens. I am not given any assistance in creating a new password. And yet, I know that my password has been the same for the entire time that I have used Telus email since 2005 when I moved to BC. I don't use outlook anymore, I use EM Client. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Telus, you should know that I am very tempted to switch to Shaw, and I have NEVER had Shaw in my life.

I have been a Telus customer for 15 years. I was generally happy with Telus until they forced my Email account to Gmail.

They forced my account over on April 27 th. I was not allowed to migrate my account to any other provider. I don't like Gmail. They tend to make it very difficult to use anything other then their proprietary programs.

They make it equally difficult to use their software to use a non-gmailthan email address.

Furthermore, Telus's phone support has dropped sharply.

Telus no longer offers support for Linux. So unless you use Mac or Windows you are your own. I would be OK with this except for Gmail.

Instead of telling you, they can't solve the issue they bounce you around. After spending three days and several hours on the phone just to Gmail on my phone to work, to say nothing of the other services I need I decided it would be far faster to start a new Email address with another provider.

It took me 3 mins to setup a new Hushmail account and a further 4 hours to communicate with my most critical people aboutset up the change to a new email address.

I contacted Telus again to work out a different payment arrangement to reflect that their Email services were no longer required. They then proceeded to send me over to tech support. That's not what I asked for.

Naturally I hanged up the phone.

I then called Shaw. They offered me exactly what I wanted. Internet with no Email. They sent me the equipment right then and there. It took me 5 mins to arrange this.

Well done Telus. It took me less time to start over with a whole business then it did to get 1 app working on 1 device.

It also took more time to tell Telus their services are no longer required. At least the customer service Rep did the Honorable thing and agreed to cancel the cancellation fee, as Telus clearly failed in its contractual obligations.

After 15 years of reliable service that I had paid for regularly, I find this to a poor way to end relations with an organization.

Telus used to provide a good service. What happened?

The future is not friendly, it is totally indifferent. TELLUS is a corporate entity that has nothing in common with cute little animals. The change to GMAIL is complete madness. In fact the only reason I have GMAIL address here is because TELLUS stated I I needed an alternate email for the transition.

It took thirty minutes for the TELUS technical support person (via chat) to migrate one of my accounts to Google. (I chose to abandon my second TELUS account.) I have had an alternate Google account (for newsletters, etc.) for a couple of years. Going forward, I have set up a Protonmail e-mail account (based in Switzerland), which I will be using as my primary account (away from the intrusive snooping of Google and TELUS) for my personal e-mails.

Telus switch to google was the biggest corporate mistake EVER. As long long long time telus business and private customer I am totally disgusted. Gmail automaticly runs your emails through cloud and stores them somewhere. NO PRIVACY!. Totally shit to organize and keep scammers out. Looking for another provider. Telus, you suck.

why is it, you are one of the biggest telecommunications business in the world and you cannot get this email sorted out, I would think you would have had come up with a better transition for all this instead of the confusion you have created for thousands of people. I Have been trying to get both our telus emails to work for months, and all it keeps telling me is I need to update but there is nothing to enable me to update anything. If you wanted to eliminate emails why didn't you tell us, and to call anyone to help, what a joke, you sit on hold forever and when you do, you get someone down in the Philippines that have limited english language, they are reading the problem from a book which means nothing to them and less to us. They have no idea where we are, or what the problem is. Had I known about this I would have never switched back to Telus. We have been loyal telus customers husband (60 Years) and myself (over 50 years) it has become quite a disapointment to see the way you have gone. no customer loyalty and no satisfaction.

Got caught in the Telus Migration nonsense today. Thought I got away from this nonsense 20 years ago when I got my own domain serviced now by uniserve. I was tired of continually changing my e-mail address domain name,,, etc. I used an old e-mail program that hackers can't be bothered with Eudora. Well today Aug 18, 2021 I can no longer send e-mails. I never even received the notice that a migration was taking place. I don't use chrome, or g-mail or hot mail. I don't hold with cloud computing, especially with a foreign company and US extraterritoriality laws. Telus says it is not responsible for software no longer working, it is all google and old software is not secure, as if google is...! I am definitely looking for another internet provider as the answers I got from the poor guy in some far away land struggled to understand the issue. I am sure the guys who approved this migration have no idea of the technical issues and the waste of customers' lives and times caused by it. Telus basically wants your internet money but contracts out the service to the cheapest option they could find. Anyone got good settings for Eudora that work with the current migration. I used to use for outgoing e-mails but it no longer works.


After Telus gave email to Google in 2020, with a few hiccups I got my Thunderbird mail setup to do an OK job, but since 2 weeks ago, suddenly no mail can get downloaded to TB. I have tried all the advice given to fix it. What to do, been a customer since it was BC Tel. Hate GMail.

I use my email account for business uses. If I send out more then a few emails quickly. Google locks me out of my account for 15 minutes.