How much can a Website Earn with Brave Ads?

Many webmasters, publishers, and content creators are looking for alternative ways to earn money from ads or perhaps even earn cryptocurrency passively. I recently wrote about getting demonitized by Google AdSense after 8 years and millions of views and this put me on the research trail.

Adsense vs Brave Publisher Ads

First of all, there is no comparison in the amount of ad revenue you can earn between the two. With Google Ad banners I would earn anywhere between $1500 and $2500 per month over about 3.7 million ad impressions. In 30 days with Brave Ads including referrals encouraging our users to download Brave, I earned something around $80 in the first month. Unfortunately, there is no comparison between Google Ads, which has advertisers (big and small) willing to fork out huge advertising dollars for relevant clicks. Currently, Brave Ads are used mainly by Crypto coin exchanges, Amazon Affiliates, and Bitcoin ads.

Earnings are in BAT Tokens Crypto

As a publisher, your earnings are paid to you in the form of BAT tokens. This crypto token (BAT) can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies, or even dollars that publishers can withdraw to a bank account or be held in a crypto wallet.

Earn Tips from Visitors

Another bonus, and perhaps the brilliance of the Brave Browser is the concept of allowing users to contribute BAT tokens to their favorite websites or even "Tip" your website, social page, or channel. We only became a verified publisher in the last 2 months and already a handful of users have left a small tip, I hope to see this increase as more people find out about the Brave browser.

The Bottom Line on Brave Ads

The best part about Brave Ads is that they can be used in combination with any other ad banners since they simply appear as popups opposed to on-page advertising. They do not affect user experience or SEO in the same way Google ads or other banner providers will. If you are a publisher or run a successful Youtube channel or Twitch stream why not give Brave a chance, you may not make a living, but it gives you a chance to earn a bit of crypto and help out a worthy project by a company trying to do something truly innovative.

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