Cheap vehicle classifieds scams claiming to use eBay Motors

ebay motors scam

I run several local classified websites in Alberta, Canada and recently there has been a barrage of ads being submitted from eastern Canada by criminals seeking to defraud Albertans. Thankfully we carefully screen all ads on our sites to ensure they are never published, however, when searching for the e-mail addresses on Google we find the same culprit successfully targeting Kijiji Alberta and other less-policed classified websites (even some newspaper sites).

We traced the IP addresses to Brampton, Ontario on multiple occasions, each time they are using a slightly different e-mail but use the same story. All of the information we collected and the IPs we traced were reported to the RCMP online fraud division as well as the Brampton police department.

Meanwhile I am stringing the scammers along collecting all of their e-mail correspondence to see how the scam works and to share the full "script" with the fraud division as well as the general public through a personal website.

How does the classified scam work?
First they post a ridiculously cheap vehicle on every free classified website they can get their greasy little hands on posing as local residents.
They urge potential buyers to e-mail them if interested.
Once someone contacts them they respond, often with a different e-mail address (alarm bells).
They yammer on about the vehicle and say they want to use eBay Motors to do a secure transaction. This is where consumers know that this is a 100% scam. eBay says right on their website that ONLY vehicles purchased on their website can be processed by them.

I will be publishing all of the information collected once these crooks realize "I'm not the droid they're looking for".

If you have been targeted, have a story, know of a scam, or have information on scammers please leave a comment and I will publish this. You should always notify the proper authorities with any information you can provide.

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