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I rarely share anything on social media, this is where I post about projects I'm working on as well as opinions on current events, the internet, and small business.

Problem Logging in to Telus Web Hosting FTP

Published Dec 31, 2013
Telus Hosting can be somewhat confusing to log into when it comes to their FTP and using a...
Bill Whittle Video on Environmentalism

Bill Whittle Discusses Environmentalism

Published Nov 08, 2013
In an episode of the Stratosphere Lounge Bill Whittle talks about the balance between...
ebay motors scam

Cheap vehicle classifieds scams claiming to use eBay Motors

Published May 07, 2013
I run several local classified websites in Alberta, Canada and recently there has been a...
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Large Images >3mb Fatal error - Out of memory on save

Published Apr 21, 2013
Setup VPS Dual Core, 4GB Ram CENTOS 5.9 x86_64 with access to WHM 11.36.0 (build 21) Drupal 6....
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials
IT Crowd Twitter meme

Twitter is useless for Small Businesses

Published Apr 18, 2013
So, I have been using twitter for over a year now and I was getting all stressed out about...
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How to implement on Drupal 6 using Views

Published Mar 29, 2013
So I refuse to let go of Drupal 6 and was determined to figure out how to implement
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials
VistaPrint review

Buyer Beware - VistaPrint Website Review

Published Mar 22, 2013
Thinking about a DIY website? Considering building your own site with VistaPrint? Here are a...
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Drupal 6 - Remove Login or register to post comments from Anonymous and maintain CSS for Link List

Published Mar 22, 2013
Sorry for the long title, but I was trying to get rid of these comment links for anonymous...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Funny Quotes from Mark Steyn's "After America"

Published Nov 27, 2012
Here are my favorite quotes from "After America". Regardless of where you are on the political...

Upload Drupal to your web hosting using FTP

Published Nov 26, 2012
In the screenshot you will see the Drupal 6 files and folders that would be uploaded to your...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Building a Drupal Website Overview from Start to Finish

Published Nov 26, 2012
Recap - Billboard, Detailed CMS, Interactive CMS. We are going to setup a "Detailed CMS site...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Visual History of Web Design

Published Nov 19, 2012
The following images give a visual representation of how websites have evolved from basic html...

Interactive CMS

Published Nov 19, 2012
Cost: Medium to HighSkill Level: Intermediate to ExpertTime Investment: Very HighTarget Market...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Detailed CMS

Published Nov 19, 2012
Cost: LowSkill Level: IntermediateTime Investment: MediumTarget Market: Existing Customers and...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

DIY Website Introduction

Published Nov 19, 2012
If you have questions about building your own website or ranking in Google (or other search...

Remove Drupal RSS Feed Icon from front page

Published Jul 19, 2012
To get rid of the RSS subscribe button on the front page of your Drupal site, remove the...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Display Taxonomy Description in Views Drupal 6

Published Jun 28, 2012
These are 2 snippets that apparently do the same thing, I can verify the first chunk works...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Copy and Paste Bullet Point, Symbols, Unique Characters, and Fancy Letters

Published May 31, 2012
Occasionally web developers, editors, and publishers need to quickly copy and paste bullet...
Category: Useful Resources
money down the drain with facebook

Facebook Ads Review and Coupon Scam

Published Apr 23, 2012
Update: I finally had a response that wasn't canned text, Facebook Payment operations admitted...
Category: The Internet

Drupal 6 Cron.php not running - aggregator not updating

Published Apr 04, 2012
Version: Drupal 6.22 For whatever reason Cron will stop working occasionally on a site. The...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials