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Pull values from Drupal User Profile to CCK fields

Published Feb 04, 2012
Surprisingly hard to find, certain snippets floating around on the web do not work for...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Privacy conditions for Drupal Custom Profile Fields

Published Feb 03, 2012
On a recent project we wanted to give users the ability to enter information but then have...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Default Passwords List

Published Jan 18, 2012
A few default device passwords that have come in handy over the years... Drop me a line if...
Category: Useful Resources

Drupal 6 - Only show block on specific node type

Published Jan 12, 2012
There are times where you want to hide Drupal blocks from certain pages but occasionally you...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

MS SQL Return record count with leading zeros

Published Jan 05, 2012
First I set the column of REC to a datatype of bigint . Then i run this query to do a count...

Meditech DR Core SQL Tables

Published Jan 05, 2012
Core Tables for Meditech Data Repository SQL database. */ Module TableName ABS...

MS SQL Query for Meditech Data Repository DR GL Account Summary

Published Jan 05, 2012
use MYDATABASE Select * from GlAccountAmounts GAA INNER JOIN DMisGlAccount GA on GAA.AccountID...

MSSQL queries from database creation to queries and stored procedures.

Published Jan 05, 2012
create database MYDATABASE on (name=MYDATABASE, filename='c:\CCTB111\MYDATABASE.mdf', size=1mb...

MS SQL query for searching in column names.

Published Jan 05, 2012
Search column names for keywords using "like" SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE id IN (...

MS SQL Query to return information about database details.

Published Jan 05, 2012
Microsoft SQL query to return all tables, row counts, column counts, and size of tables. USE...

Wikipedia double standard and why it will likely fail

Published Jan 02, 2012
If you have ever tried to get involved in Wikipedia you likely know that there are 37 "...
Category: The Internet

MySQL select using multiple "like"

Published Dec 28, 2011
Scenario Version: MySQL 5.0 Database Name: testdb Table Name: domains Field Name: domainame...

MySQL select using multiple "NOT LIKE"

Published Dec 28, 2011
Scenario Version: MySQL 5.0 Database Name: testdb Table Name: domains Field Name: domainame...

Simple MYSQL Select Queries

Published Dec 28, 2011
Version: MySQL 5.0 Database Name: testdb Table Name: domains Field Name: domainame Simple...

Jim Carrey and George Jones look alike?

Published Nov 26, 2011
When I first saw this I thought it was Jim Carrey playing a character... No, it's George Jones...

301 Redirect Rule from Clean URL to another clean URL in IIS

Published Nov 05, 2011
If you are trying to setup Clean URLs in Drupal with IIS and Isapi go to Clean URLs IIRF...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Drupal cck Imagefield Float Right

Published Aug 11, 2011
Here is how you can change your css file (likely your style.css file in the theme folder) to...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Drupal random banner with optional path based image

Published Aug 06, 2011
We had one customer that required a randomized banner but also had specific drupal pages where...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Clean URLs IIRF Settings with IIS for Drupal

Published Aug 02, 2011
Non-www canonical url using Drupal 6 with IIS and IIRF installed. (Using Drupal 6.22) Tested...
Category: Drupal 7 Tutorials

Chamber of Commerce Web Design

Published Feb 26, 2011
The Local Chamber of Commerce required a low-cost website where they could share upcoming...