Interactive CMS

Cost: Medium to High
Skill Level: Intermediate to Expert
Time Investment: Very High
Target Market: Potential Customers or People interested in your niche.
Results: High

An "Interactive CMS" is a highly detailed, constantly changing, interactive, and very useful website for visitors. This web design method is for businesses or blogger who are very serious about investing time and money over a long period of time to build a large following of daily visitors to their website.

Choosing the best CMS is critical for this type of website. It will require a good understanding of what features the website will have to attract visitors, available modules to achieve these functions, and will need to be easy to use for not only the administrator but also the visitors trying to interact on the site.

✗ Hand code with HTML.
✗ Carefully choose a free or cheap "website builder".
✗ Build from an existing HTML/PHP website template.
✓ Carefully research the type of content management systems that will achieve the functionality you need.

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