Custom Real Estate Website vs MLS Solution Comparison

Essentially having a website that communicates with MLS is less work for the agent office, all properties posted are automatically "copied" to the agent's website. The downside to this is that every other real estate agent will publish the identical listing, this creates "Duplicate content" and results in small real estate agents ranking low for their own property listings.

Options MLS Solution Custom Website
Estimated Setup Cost $1200CDN + $100 USD $1600
Monthly Fees $90 / month $90 / month
Automatically Updated
from MLS Listings
Yes No
Unique Google Listing No Yes

MLS Solution Scenario
The agent posts their real estate listings on the MLS system and they are automatically published on the Agent's website (as well as other websites that pull from MLS).

Custom Website Scenario
The agent posts the listing on their own custom website, then manually posts the same information on the MLS system.
Agent can send new listings to us, we will post it, submit it to Google index, as well as post it on the MLS system manually. We will include up to 3 listings in the monthly maintenance and charge $20 for each additional listing per month. To post these we will still require all of the information you currently post on your website (listing details, price, and pre-written description).