How to implement on Drupal 6 using Views

So I refuse to let go of Drupal 6 and was determined to figure out how to implement on some of my node content. I would appreciate anyone telling me how I could improve upon this and figure out how to use the Node Title as the business name (rather than having it display twice).

In Views I added my custom fields for street address, Town or City, State or Province.

I do a re-write on the street field

Then a rewrite on the town, and append with the state code (using California int his case

Over the last several months I have confirmed that Google recognizes it as structured data.

P.S. Since implementing this I have not seen any positive results in search, I was hoping that it would help my click through rate at least but so far it has not.

Someone smarter than me has probably already done this but please Drop Me a Line if you can enhance this method or if you have better way.