What Happened to Ron Paul?

I just heard that Ron Paul may have had a Stroke on a livestream. At first, I thought it was a joke or mocking him but after watching the video I'm not sure if it is a hoax.

I'm praying for Ron Paul and his family either way.
He is one of the first people that got me interested in U.S. politics and libertarian ideas. No doubt he popularized these ideas and balanced the republican party and conservative thought both in the United States as well as Canada.
He and his son Rand have done more for the cause of liberty and freedom than we may ever know, despite being generally disliked or ignored by the mainstream media he is an inspiration to a generation that often takes freedom for granted.

My favorite story about Ron Paul was when he explained why he voted against the spending for the Congressional Medal Of Honor For The Dalai Lama, arguing that if each member of Congress pitched in $70 they could pay for it without spending tax payer money. Hearing this was turning point for me, it wasn't about the money but the principal. Our governments aren't there to be noble or "do what's right", rather, to do only and exactly what they were set up to do in the first place. The argument against pure libertarians like Dr. Paul is often "who will build the roads and bridges?", but response should be "We can agree on roads and bridges, but what Government ever stops there?"

To Ron Paul and the Paul Family, we love you and take care.