I am optimistic that Canada will get back on the right track. Sounds like the middle east is having some turmoil which could strengthen prices unless they decide to flood the market.

R.A. said:
"From a strictly technical perspective, it’s hard not to see something as essential as oil making a nice rebound from the hit it took earlier this year. Articles like this show that the climate is changing (sorry for the pun) for the industry.

The middle east sounds hopeful but I’m always a bit cautious in assuming that a flare-up over there will ensure a sustained spike in prices. Diplomats have become disturbingly efficient at smoothing things over - even though this has the smell of something more significant. If I didn’t already own oil-related investments, I’m not sure I’d be taking out a large position now based solely on Iran. It's an interesting aspect of our stock habit that we make the best money when other countries start getting mad at each other. Zero sum game?"

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