The new generation of TownPost sites will likely launch on the July long weekend. Many late nights developing and testing the new features and functionality this update will bring. As I mentioned in an earlier post we're going back to basics somewhat with a stronger focus on individual towns.

A representative from Government who heard about TownPost contacted us to discuss our thoughts on economic growth and what technology or new strategy could help local businesses from our perspective. I gave them my elevator pitch on how Alberta needs a "Local Amazon", that businesses need to be encouraged to participate in a more local infrastructure. The US tech giants have helped many businesses in the short term but in many ways these have become a bait and switch. Small businesses in Canada need to recognize that we need to compete with these services on a local level.

The timing of the Alberta Government reaching out couldn't have been better, but I fear the narrative I presented may have fallen on deaf ears.

On a positive note TownPost traffic has not only grown 72% since last year this time, but increased engagement and a wider demographic using the service.

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