Auto Parts Search Engine for Auto Wreckers and Dealerships storing old car and truck parts.

It seems to me this is a good idea, what about a
"Amazon Local" for car and truck parts could prove to be quite successful if salvage yards, auto parts stores, and dealership parts departments were all on board.

As I write this there are people buying car parts on Amazon that are being shipped from China. Meanwhile, the exact same parts are collecting dust on some shelf in that person's home town. This is a very inefficient market when you consider the shipping, storage, customs fees, and interest being paid on old inventory that could be replaced with newer parts.

I actually built a rough pro-to-type of this site for someone here:

The biggest challenge I see setting something like this up is obtaining the lists of parts from these dealers, the ones sitting on the most inventory are the least likely to have the motivation to send in the lists (or they would already be doing something with the excess stock). Another problem is that one would need a large number of auto parts companies to participate in order to make the search valuable to parts seekers.

ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Quad, and UTV parts instead? I don't know the Auto industry that well, perhaps car and truck parts have already been done to death. Maybe focusing on Motorsport dealers is a better angle.

Farm Equipment parts would also be a great niche but you would really need a specialist to dabble in the Farm Machinery business.

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