If you're building an online business that monetizes using advertising there needs to be a plan to move to native ads (at least in part). It's too risky to put all your chips on Google Adsense revenue. For this reason, I am weaning off banner ads and enhancing the premium/paid ads that users can purchase.

On one of my sites the website Traffic is up and incredible 75% but Google Adsense Revenue down 39% (Some Banner ads were removed to show less advertising which constitutes some of this drop). Revenue from direct paid ads is up 70%.

Overall I am very happy with Google Adsense as a service. They have demonetized some of the ads for certain content, which is disappointing, but they have good tools and notifications to let webmasters know about the offending pages so they can be fixed. Even if some of our content is not advertiser-friendly, I do not anticipate ever being tossed of their platform. However, every serious webmaster, YouTube creator, or online media business needs to have control over at least 50% of their revenue rather than completely relying on Adsense, YouTube Ads, or Patreon.

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