Is Google Evil? New Documentary about how recent changes affect Small Business

Don't Be Evil Documentary

Coming in 2016, "I Aim To Misbehave Productions, Ltd." will be releasing a documentary about the "Secret war Google doesn't want you to know about". From what I know the documentary will explore how small businesses are being hurt or destroyed by Google's constant changes to search results, the "Google knowledge graph", quality algorithms, and other upcoming changes. Hear stories from real people who learned how the Google search engine now has the power to pick winners and losers, and how this is already affecting their businesses. And how Google is starting to utilize the massive amount of information they have accumulated from websites around the world to render some of those very same websites obsolete.

"Don't Be Evil" - Official Trailer


Thanks to Google Evil ways this past holiday our sales are down 90%. I am going to have to re-invent my on-line presence if I want to stay in business. For starters, I will start selling on Amazon as a 3rd Party Retailer.

Starting in Sept 2013 with their Hummingbird Algorithm changes Google has been destroying my on-line business.

I worked hard to regain the page rank that my Yahoo Retail Store and my Goggle Blogger sites were losing without much luck. It seemed that no matter what I did Google found a way to hurt me. I never bought back links or stuffed keywords or cheated in any way. I only followed their rules and advice.

When the introduced their Mobile Friendly algorithm index changes I made both of the websites mobile responsive friendly and added great menus that included article indexes and easy to use links all with very creative efforts. No matter how hard I worked or how great a job I did I lost further page rank

Scrapers that stole my images and content are indexed but my website is not.
Without webmasters like myself, Google would never have made it to where they are. Their advice was "build a great website and we will index it" ( so they could gain a monopoly and then kick all of us to the curb ). Forcing websites to get into their ineffective and expensive AdWords advertising is obviously their motive.

Googles search results are terrible and their practice is worth no less than Anti Trust Law Suits. Hopefully, their legal trouble in Europe with the EU Courts will put them where they belong - OUT OF BUSINESS!