Banned from Facebook

So... Facebook banned me for about the tenth time, and I will not be appealing this time.
For those of you that aren't aware I was banned several times from Facebook for sharing classified ads from TownPost. In some cases these posts go against their NEW guidelines.

The Good

  • I'm happy that Facebook banned buying and selling Firearms, Airsoft, Paintball, and Animals. This has given TownPost an huge boost and helped us carve a niche into the market.
  • More people are getting fed up with Facebook and looking for alternatives.
  • Facebook Buy & Sell Group Admins may wake up to the idea they are volunteer employees of FB and may team up with sites like TownPost so they can get some money out of their hard work.

The Bad

  • Facebook had no problem taking my money to build these pages only to change the rules and filters to limit my own followers from seeing posts and eventually banning the pages.
  • I'm not selling anything, simply banned for sharing posts from someone else selling something locally.
  • Facebook did not give me an opportunity to respond or appeal in most cases.
  • Facebook Marketplace has basically stolen the hard work of the Facebook Buy And Sell group admins to profit from the free labour these people provide.