Steve & Daisy's Minion Craft

kinder surprise egg minion craft

So for easter we bought our kids large Kinder surprise eggs. One of the toys inside was a minion from despicable me but it seemed like the plastic egg itself would make an even better minion, so I made it (destroying my favorite pair of jeans in the process).

  • Large Kinder Egg
  • Elastic Pony Tail
  • Cut up think computer cable (for the glasses tube)
  • Plastic crazy eyes
  • Red felt tongue
  • Feather for comb over hair
  • Pocket from my favorite jeans
  • 2 Buttons
craft supplies
old jeans
back of minion's head
top view
our minion
minion beside painting
minion beside painting


Really fantastic miss daisy

Great job especially the dad involvement , too bad about your favorite jeans but well worth it