301 Redirect Rule from Clean URL to another clean URL in IIS

If you are trying to setup Clean URLs in Drupal with IIS and Isapi go to Clean URLs IIRF Settings with IIS for Drupal

This seems pretty simple but actually it activated that twitchy angry part of my brain when I tried getting it to work.
- IIS Web Hosting
- Drupal 6.0
- Clean URLs working fine
But you want to do a standard 301 redirect for SEO and Google picked up a clean URL that doesn't exist anymore.

So you want to point http://bizuns.com/node to the main page http://bizuns.com/

And every forum or tutorial you found in the last 2 hours just talked about cleaning up URLs not how to re-direct already cleaned URLs right?

RedirectRule ^/node http://bizuns.com/ [R=301]
This can be placed in .ini file (for us it is IsapiRewrite4.ini) Just below the canonical redirect to remove the www.