Working in Silos

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In large organizations there are several different models used to organize employees to accomplish tasks and spread workload. Having employees work in silos often seems like the most logical method to assist managers of large departments to handle the services they are expected to deliver. But what are some problems that will arise in this type of work environment?

One issue with an organization operating in silos is that you need exceptionally vigilant managers. They need to notice when certain employees are getting overwhelmed, and when others are drinking coffee checking Facebook. Managers need to watch for disparity and resolve it quickly before it generates resentment. They need to be empowered to shift and re-balance the workload among their employees.

Perhaps the most damaging result of an organization working in silos is the lack of appreciation and understanding of what the company does. Teams and employees often create an "us vs them" mentality and working against each other once they lose sight of your company's vision.

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