Working in Silos

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Working in Silos

In large organizations there are several different models used to organize employees to accomplish tasks and spread workload. Having employees work in silos often seems like the most logical method to assist managers of large departments to handle the services they are expected to deliver.

The image of silos (or in this case what appear to be glasses of water) represent a team of employees, and the water represents the work or tasks assigned to the team. Working in silos creates an environment where specific tasks will only be assigned to the designated employee(s).

There are several problems when using this method, and perhaps the most prevalent is demonstrated in the diagram. Inevitably situations arise where some employees are overloaded, while other employees have very little to do. The longer such a method is used the more employees become accustomed and even less willing to "pick up the slack".

This is a very brief and simple overview to get the discussion started.