NHL 12 Tutorial Videos

Below you will find several NHL 2012 video tutorials my buddy Kulsmash made with his PS3 and a Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR. Scroll down to see all of the videos as well as transcripts.

NHL 12 - How to play goalie tutorial

Hey guys this is Kulsmash, bringing you a video on how to play like a goalie.

c. Why 26 seconds

-So you know how to position yourself
-Know what size and where to put points into
-So you don't give up

2. Points

So for points

a-Style of Goalie 17 seconds
My take on the goalie is your like a fortress, you don't want any weaknesses. If you make your gate strong but have short walls the enemy is going to exploit that weakness. For this reason I pick Hybrid, they are good at everything.

b. Height and Weight 19 seconds
For height I pick the tallest goalie (6'9) for the reach advantage and 190 lbs to give the goalie stability.

b-What stats are important 105 seconds (must redo)
Agility is the number one most important stat. You need agility up to 85 as a minimum. Don't touch passing, you should be able to manually make a pass.

People debate on what speed does, my take on it is that it does affect your movement and how quickly you can move in the crease. I think that a good mix of agility and speed is a must. How much you put into each additional stat is based on what level you are. (Rookie Superstar etc) Try to get each of the stats equal, like this... Low and high at the same level as well as five hole and breakaway. Breakaway affects how well you react on you guessed it the breakaway. If this is low your goalie's breakaway is low your reaction time will slow down. The flying poke check will only work a few times and you need this in order to make the big save.

That's it for points

3. Threats

a- Shortside

Shortside is the area of the net that is open that is closest to the player. So if the player is coming up on your left the short side is the open area on the left.

b-Cross Creaser

-Cross creasers should never happen. The D should be in position to stop them, but you need to be prepared. While reading the play anticipate the cross creaser, this will open you up for the short side, but because your 6'9 you have the ability to do both.

c-Wrap arounds 36 seconds

This is going to come down to a preference, there is 3 options for the wrap around
1. short side
2. cross crease
3. pass

** Wrap arounds are about deception, if the team thinks that you aren't hugging the post then they will go for it. So don't hug the post until the last second **

Hugging the post will cover against one of these, very well (R2), manually putting your pad against the post will guard against all 3 better. If there is no options to pass and you know you have a D man to protect against the cross crease then hug the post otherwise I say, stay in butterfly but push your pad against the post. You will come out on top more often.

d-Breakaway 50 seconds

This obviously is the most difficult and incorporates all of the previous techniques. If you are facing them multiple times in a game you have to mix up your approach. The first time your best odds the flying poke check. Next, because they are going to be watching for it, you will have a better chance of cutting down the angle. If they still don't respect you and get in close then pull the flying poke check, but beware of the flipping up in the air deke.

The best thing to do when all your options are up is to relax and stay in the centre of the goal. If you bite on the deke it gives you a 50/50 chance. And remember the breakaway is not your fault, the defense is taking chances that are forcing you to make the big save.

4. Defense 9 seconds

a-Explain the goalie crease marks 39 seconds

Okay so the goalie crease has some markings which help you know where to stand. They are like the Box in Basketball backboard.

This is the goalie crease (I know fairly straight forward), at the top of the goalie crease is the goalie marks. You are going to put the appropriate foot in the goalie mark. If they are coming on the left put your left foot in the left mark, and right on the right.

b-Reading the play 28 seconds

you need to know where the wingers are at all times. To accomplish this, I suggest turning on colours for opposing players, so you know who is what.

Now your reading the play.. If you see someone waiting for the cross crease pass, you have to respect them and pull back slightly and cover the angle. Like so..

c. Advanced 31 seconds

These are two things that I try to do to get into the opponents head. The first one is opening up the short side and then closing it .. like so. This can be as risky as it is rewarding so don't use it often. The next is on the breakaway, notice how the player is making a tight turn at the end. This is when the flying poke check is most effective. You want to poke check so your stick gets the puck and your legs defend against the shot.

1st 10 min cross crease let in

2nd 17 min someone diving

2nd 13 min cross crease stop

5. Legend
a-strategy 24 seconds
The first thing you want to get is your wins, don't worry about your stats we can get those once you have the wins in place. So for your own sanity if you know your going to lose , QUIT. There is no sense in a 10-0 blow out. It will ruin your night and you will miss out on increasing your wins.

b-show when to quit 24 seconds
So when should you quit? You can sense it in your teams chemistry. The turn overs and offsides. If your team is able to gain the lead stick around and try to shut the door to allow for the win.

But don't wait to rage quit, you need the wins. There is a reason coaches pull there goalies, and quitting is the same thing.

c-explain how to get more out of your team 10 seconds
The short end of it is you can't, if your team sucks just quit and hope next time is better.

6. End 11 seconds
Well I hope this video helps, and thanks for watching

Feel free to comment and let me know your take on how to play ringette I mean hockey I mean goalie.

NHL 12 - How to do One Timers

NHL 12 Video tutorial on one timer goals, created on PS3.

This video is teaching the fundamentals of doing a one timer in NHL 12 and advanced controller techniques for the Playstation 3.

1. Intro
2. Why

3. Controls?
I'm going to show you the wrist shot method and then the snapshot and then positioning
4. Wrist Shot
Notice if the pass is coming in to the players far side they will do a wrist shot
5. SlapShot

6. Positioning
You want to imagine a v when approaching the net and stay back far enough so the goalie doesn't intercept the pass.

NHL 12 - How to fight

A basic video on how to fight in NHL 12.

  • This is going to be a very basic video. The only concept that you need to remember is that you can aim your punches. How to do this is with the right stick angle the punches in a diagonal fashion. Pair this with head movement and blocking and you can assess where you opponent is punching at and get out of the way and land your punches.
  • When to fight
  • Fighting can be dangerous, it can give the opposing team an endurance boost that can lead to breakaways and odd man rushes and possibly goals. Make sure to pick where you want to fight, carefully.

    NHL 12 - How to Snipe Shortside from Behind the net

    This is a how to video on how to shoot short side. It's another quicky... hope you enjoy.

    Drop a comment if you like the videos, or if you have any suggestions. NHL 12 Tutorials and Videos

    NHL 12 - Epic Goal

    Messing around with Datsyuk and made this amazing goal.