Retail Business Tip - Relocate your displays

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Do you notice some stores look the same as they did 3-4 years ago, perhaps even since you were a kid? I'm not talking about the color of paint or the sign out front, those things are important, but rather their product is always in the same location. You would not believe how oblivious we consumers are when tromping through stores, we have "blind spots" and a tendency to always look in the same place. We are not talking moving things from top shelf to the bottom, but completely change all of your displays and move your inventory to different locations in the store.

What if customers can't find stuff anymore?

Good, this will get them looking around and discover some of the items they previously did not realize you carried.
Just make sure your clerks keep up on where things are and assist customers that look like they are in a rush or ask for assistance.

Too much Extra work? Not when you consider the benefits, here is a short list of them. Just make sure your staff have a procedure to follow so you maximize the benefits of the added work; dusting, checking for labels, carefully not damaging floor or the inventory.


  • Fresh look to the store for return customers.
  • Those return customers are more likely to come back more often.
  • Customers discover products they previously did not know you carried.
  • You will discover issues (damaged inventory, product put in the wrong place, and items missing price tags.
  • Through the process of moving things around your store, shelves, and inventory will remain cleaner and look newer.

Finally, add to this list all of the other benefits you can think of for your business, and include your staff in making the list and put these benefits on a checklist as they go through the procedure you created (nothing too complex). Help them know they are part of the team, and let them see how the added work is helping the business.

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