Today I woke up tired and generally unsure of what kind of day it would be. Instead of setting my mind to a particular mode, I did what I usually do and opened my e-mail. The first message I saw was from Connie/Ron and it was one of those blunt "remove me from your list now!". Well, we don't have e-mail lists but normally this means someone wants their profile deleted or the notifications about new ads turned off. Unfortunately, in some cases (like this one) many people have multiple e-mail addresses and the email they signed up with is different than the one they send this angry sounding note from. I looked through our user database and did not find any profiles under their e-mail that would be getting any notifications so I simply replied, "Can you tell me what list you are referring to? If you received an e-mail from us can you forward it to me or let me know what town it was related to?".
The response came a short time later, "that is a stupid question all lists do not email me again".
I tried to let it go, but the next few hours I couldn't focus on anything else. I ended up spending hours sifting through our various sites on a quest to find a related account for these folks to no avail. I genuinely do not want to e-mail or bother anyone that wants to be left alone, and to be perfectly honest, I do not want angry or unstable people using our sites period.
Anyways, I wasted most of my day frustrated and discouraged by this one little incident so I am doing 2 things about it;
1. Write about it here so I can hopefully get it out of my head and let it go.
2. Make a conscious effort to not be a Connie/Ron to anyone else in my life, and if I realize I have committed the same offense to someone, I will call that person and apologize.

Edit: 3. After I submitted this post I realized I was missing the most important thing, then I forgave the people that offended me.