Stupid things we did as kids replaced with social media?

  • Published by steve on 14 June 2013.

Now, I'm not a luddite... I do spend a good portion of my life online, and technology pays most of my bills. But I wonder how the internet, social media, and over stimulated teens might cause some of them to completely miss out on socializing, and, well, doing stupid things together.

I'm not talking about parties where they go to just get wasted, rather, learning to get together and have a little innocent fun, a really large bonfire, and laugh until Pepsi comes out of their noses. Parents, make sure you teach your kids to get together to have non-alcohol related fun. And to the youth, make sure you practice good fire safety like we did as kids...

Pictured: If you squint you can see my friend Kyle trying to roast his hot dog.

Roasting hotdogs on a huge fire