DIY Greenhouse Made from Recycled Building Materials

DIY Greenhouse made out of recycled material. Fraser Koroluk, who owns a small lodge in Bella Coola, B.C, created this greenhouse from entirely recycled materials. The material includes windows from an old house, and the framing and cedar siding is partly from a big renovation in 2007 and from the deck of the old pool he removed in 2006. The lovely eggplant purple shine on windows came from leftover oil-based paint pots that were collected earlier. Paints were mixed and used again. Even the cedar shingles and the tin on the back side of the roof were constructed of leftovers from the new roof he put on last year. Fraser saw the design of a shed in a magazine that inspired him to create something useful out of discarded materials. inside greenhouse FzIEv 5638 For Fraser, it’s a sort of hobby to collect waste material. Although he had never thought of constructing something in particular, still his spirit of reducing consumption and waste led him to end up with such a useful structure. Fraser is very glad after watching his tomatoes, tomatillos, cukes, eggplant, artichokes, beans and habanero peppers growing well inside the greenhouse. The Dark Side: Fraser himself accepts that he became a little lazy with the window glass panes and door. Including these two and foundation material, he used new material instead of recycled. However, the job is appreciable as it was Fraser’s first attempt.

The original source of this article went offline last year so I thought I would share it with other greenhouse enthusiasts.

DIY Greenhouse
Photo Inside the Greenhouse