Alberta College of Physicians and personal responsibility.

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The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta says mistakes happen and people should take more personal responsibility.

Amen! People are not perfect, physicians are people. So what do we do when imperfect people make a mistake in a system that is funded by tax dollars? Simple, we spend colossal amounts of tax payer money on reviewing how human(s) made a mistake and then hire a panel of 'experts' to spend more money implementing impractical changes to prevent a similar mistake in the future only to discover that humans will find new ways to make mistakes or the implemented changes themselves become a new and even better mistake than the initial human error.

Should we ignore mistakes then? No.
There should be a reasonable effort to determine what happened and if there is any evidence of negligence and if so that individual should be held personally (legally) responsible.

The problem is that these situations become highly political, the media makes a stink about it then the politicians totally freak out and over react. Hence the CTV headline "Health Minister orders largest review ever conducted in Alberta".

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