• What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

    A great pushes towards a vision even when it seems like the entire world is working against them. They stick to their plans, pivot when necessary, and learn from their mistakes. To be truly great they must focus on giving maximum support to clients and employees, which will in turn, pay the entrepreneur a proportionate dividend of success. - Steve Bizuns

    A great entrepreneur has a vision, even when others don't see it.
    A great entrepreneur pushes forward when others give up.

  • Small Retail Business Tip #2 Relocate your displays

    Do you notice some stores look the same as they did 3-4 years ago, perhaps even since you were a kid? I'm not talking about the color of paint or the sign out front, those things are important, but rather their product is always in the same location. You would not believe how oblivious we consumers are when tromping through stores, we have "blind spots" and a tendency to always look in the same place. We are not talking moving things from top shelf to the bottom, but completely change all of your displays and move your inventory to different locations in the store.

  • Small Retail Business Tip #1 Negotiate with suppliers

    Far too often small retail shop owners focus exclusively on the sales side of the business, missing out on the fact that successful retail stores can sell items cheaper but still make higher margins. How? They get better prices from their suppliers and distributors. And the beauty of lower costs is that you get higher margins without raising prices on your customers.

  • Business idea with portable Solar Panels

    So there is a possibility this already exists, but if it does the cost of creating it is just too high or someone is doing a terrible job marketing it. You may have guessed from the picture but it is a portable solar suitcase on wheels and I presume a fair size battery inside with a cooling fan.

    So what? Why this design?

  • Passion for doing something awesome.

    I think what really made Steve Jobs and Apple uniquely amazing was the passion for doing something incredibly awesome. I imagine early on they didn't really dwell so much on numbers, forecasts, and how the other guys (the big M) were doing. But they just focused on doing something cool their own way, they certainly were not the cheapest but their followers have no issue paying for a decent product.

  • Working in Silos

    In large organizations there are several different models used to organize employees to accomplish tasks and spread workload. Having employees work in silos often seems like the most logical method to assist managers of large departments to handle the services they are expected to deliver.

    The image of silos (or in this case what appear to be glasses of water) represent a team of employees, and the water represents the work or tasks assigned to the team. Working in silos creates an environment where specific tasks will only be assigned to the designated employee(s).