Alberta Tax Payers will once again fund gender reassignment surgery

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PC Government? I get that the P stands for progressive, but I have no idea what the C stands for.

At a time when Alberta needs to be cutting back on the list of services it can neither afford or manage, it is still attempting to find creative ways to spend even more money. Alberta Health Services has demonstrated it is unable to effectively deliver healthcare acceptable to Alberta residents, yet this does not deter us from piling more on. Instead of a press release about a new strategy for dealing with ER line-ups, or announcement about a new seniors living complex to deal with aging population the recently re-elected PC government announces funding for sex changes just days before 'pride week'.

One should never criticize without purposing a solution. Well, let's look at what an organization in the private sector might do when facing issues with service delivery? Typically an organization that is struggling with a large plethora of services will get back to fundamentals. Re-focus on why they exist, what made them successful. AHS would do well to massively reduce the "fluff" and focus on critical emergency services and prevention/restoration programs like AADAC.

Health Minister Fred Horne said "We think it's the right thing to do, We're quite pleased to do it."
Fred, perhaps this was your government's idea not Alberta's as you suggested. Maybe these resources should go towards people bleeding waiting in emergency departments for hours. If you actually believe in this cause then I suggest you and the politicians that agree with you donate your own money to the cause rather than spending my kid's money on it.

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